1B Gipps Street

Concord NSW 2137

Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 10.30pm

Sat & Sun: 7am - 6pm



Get strong and toned as our resistance training creates lean muscle tissue to sculpt some shape and improve your functional strength. Using a range of functional fitness strength tools such as powerbags, kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX suspension systems, bodyweight, medicine balls, slam balls, dead balls and more. We also include TACFIT training.


Improve your heart and lung fitness with our high intensity interval training using circuits, sprints, relays, intervals, speed and agility drills, hill and stair training, battling ropes, medicine balls and bodyweight.


Hustle N Flo classes specialise in teaching you how to perform various exercise “Flows”. Flows workouts are where you combine various exercises in the most fluid way possible, allowing for a smooth transition from one to the next. They are fantastic for developing your conditioning, strength & co-ordination. Flows can be performed both with equipment (kettlebells are especially useful for flows) or with bodyweight only (including animal flows). Flows can be challenging but are very rewarding & lots of fun. Plus you feel a little bit “ninja” when you do them.


is a class emphasising exercises that focus on increasing the stabilization, endurance and strengthening of the core muscles. Core N Sore exercises include movements, both weighted & bodyweight, that activate the muscles called the core. These muscles work as a group to help stabilize and control the spine. Training the core muscles will help you prevent injuries and teach you good mechanics when either working or exercising. We also add in a few ‘‘Finishers” to get the heart rate up & keep things interesting.



Squad Trial


Enjoy free classes for 3 consecutive days

Squad Recruit

$25 PW

One boot camp session
per week

Squad Leader

$36 PW

Two boot camp sessions
per week

Squad Elite

$47 PW

Unlimited boot camp sessions
per week


We can create specialised training programs for your team to help keep you motivated and active throughout the work day. Our team can help with one on one personal training, couples (friends) training or corporate classes for groups.

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